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Two of the most commonly used online platforms are Google and Amazon. Where Google is a search engine used across the globe massively, Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace worldwide. Amazon is currently rising in popularity and becoming a renowned search engine!  They are two distinct search engines with varied scopes and functionalities. Owing to these basic distinctions, the usage of SEO for both these platforms is also different.


What is SEO, and why is it important?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, can augment your website’s performance. It gives you a way to enhance the website’s ranking on Search Engine Results. There are numerous ways to use SEO strategies; however, they differ for Google and Amazon. Also, here, you would be able to understand the similarities and differences between Google SEO VS Amazon SEO.


What are the Similarities between Amazon and Google?


Similarties Between Amazon and Google


Amazon and Google have a lot of similarities in them on the ground level. Despite having great similarities, they come up with distinct capabilities. Some major ways through which you can distinguish between Amazon and Google are as follows:


Both are prevalent Search platforms.

In terms of popularity, both Google and Amazon are at the top of the rank. The number of people using these platforms for search purposes through mobile phones each day is impressively high. Where most customers prefer buying products from Amazon rather than physically going to the markets, Google is also their first choice when it comes to seeking questions regarding their confusion.


Objectives are same

Amazon and Google both come with the same objectives. For Amazon, the focus is more on invention and operational excellence than the competition. It wants to become the first choice to shop for every customer on Earth. Similarly, Google also comes with similar goals. It looks forward to assembling all the world’s information on one platform and turning it into the first choice for every person seeking some answers.


Both Have Two Types Of Search Results

Google and Amazon showcase two kinds of research: paid and organic. Ads are their main income source, which has been crucial in making them successful. Regarding ad targeting, Google offers advanced services and showcases great capabilities. In the same manner, the expansion of Amazon in terms of funnel ads has been marvelous.


Common Differences between Amazon and Google.


Differences Between Google and Amazon


Despite having many similarities, Amazon and Google both have their own differences common to each other. Some of them showcasing Google SEO VS Amazon SEO distinctions are as follows:


Focus on Different Things

Amazon and Google, despite being top-notch search engines, have their focus on distinct things. They have their command in distinct areas. For instance, if Amazon has become the biggest e-commerce industry, Google is the most trusted search engine market for information seekers.


Compared to Amazon, which focuses more on the sales and commercial side of the world, Google is more into bringing web traffic towards it. In terms of CTR, also known as click-through rate, both these platforms look forward to extracting distinct objectives. For instance, Amazon is more concerned about conversions related to CTR; Google prefers clicks based on relevance and CTR.


Different Usage of Keywords

As they look for distinct goals and objectives, they use keywords in different manners. The main purpose of using these KWs is to rank their content on SERPs efficiently. They use them to give their users maximum ease and benefit. For instance, as the main purpose of the users to surf through Amazon is to find a particular product, the KWs are more product-focused. These KWs tend to explain the features and benefits of the products extensively.


Comparatively, the keywords used by Google are more explanatory. Hence they are long-tail. There is often KW repetition as well, but keyword stuffing is avoided to the maximum.


Backlink Differences

Yet another way Google and Amazon are distinct is in terms of the backlink differences. They are super important for Google as they help it evaluate the page’s authority. Hence, it means that if a particular page has more backlinks, it gets ranked on the SERPs better. Reputable websites are backlinked by Google to ensure relevancy and higher ranking.


Comparatively, for Amazon, backlinks are not of much importance. Customers are more likely to showcase unpredictable behavior when it comes to buying a product or rejecting it owing to some personal reason. Hence, this unpredictability makes backlinking quite irrelevant.


Differences in Algorithms

Algorithms for both Google SEO VS Amazon SEO also showcase distinctions. As far as the algorithms preferred by Amazon are concerned, the focus is more on external traffic than internal advertising activities. For instance, compared to pay-per-click, the volume of external traffic coming to the website is more important.


For Google, the major measurement of success falls on the shoulder of user experience. The more the bounce rate is, the more results Google is considered successful. Also, if the user comes back to the website and the duration of the session increases every time, the algorithms showcase success.


Keyword Listing Techniques

Another major difference between Google and Amazon is the KW listing techniques that they use for optimization. As they have distinct goals, they adopt different listing techniques to ensure the achievement of all their objectives. In terms of KW listing by Amazon, the major technique used is straightforward titles to offer vital information regarding the product, earn positive reviews, and use backend keywords.


Comparatively, Google ensures that there are no crawling errors and that the visual elements are strong enough to bring forward user engagement. For that, the use of infographics and photos is preferred. Technical factors, including page speed, are also considered while managing keyword listing.


How Does Amazon Work?

Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace, which selects the products for selling, takes steps for product optimization, and then promotes the products. Every link is well analyzed, and it helps in the growth of the stores. Once a buyer places an order with the customer, Amazon redirects it to ensure on-time fulfillment. It then collects the money and pays it to the seller.


How Does Google Work?

Google ensures the provision of answers to queries. It works in a simple manner by looking for the indexes for pages that match with the query someone has entered on it. Then, Google returns the results that it considers to offer the best quality and is relevant to the query asked.


Ways to Optimize Google and Amazon SEO


How to Optimize Google and Amazon SEO


Optimizing Google SEO VS Amazon SEO brings maximum results and benefits. Some of the best ways to optimize them are as follows:


Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization, without any doubt, is the most crucial aspect of SEO optimization. It involves extensive research, analysis, and then the selection of the right keywords that would target and drive organic traffic.


Keyword Selection for Amazon

While selecting KWs for Amazon, you must focus on the product and choose the relevant keywords. Taking help from Amazon-specific keyword tools helps in selecting result-oriented keywords. Apart from this, avoiding subjective keywords, using backend keywords, and researching the competitors extensively also helps in maximum optimization.


Keyword Selection for Google

Choosing keywords for Google is a little bit easier than choosing them for Amazon. Here, you can opt for long-tail keywords, which help visitors reach the exact information they are looking for. Alongside this, you need to list different variations through the keyword selection, opt for extensive language and location targeting, go for keyword-matching techniques and think like a person who is looking for some answers!


Listing Optimization

The right listing optimization strategies help bring organic traffic within a limited time span.


How to Optimize Your Amazon listing?

In order to optimize your Amazon listing, the easiest route to follow is to add a title, extensive product descriptions, pricing, key features and images to it. Using A+ content further helps bring organic traffic to the listing through proper optimization. Simply put, use all the tactics to help locate your products and search for them easily.


How to Optimize your Google Listing?

Optimizing Google listing requires you to enter extensive data on it. Ensuring the verification of locations, adding infographics, showing relevant content, and choosing accurate hours are certain ways to optimize the google listing.


Add Visuals

Visuals play a great role in bringing organic traffic. Hence, they are a necessity for both Google and Amazon.


Adding Visual to Amazon Listing

Adding visuals to Amazon listings is a simple process but brings great results. All you need to do is to log into the seller account on Amazon, go to the investor option and click ‘Manage Inventory. Next, you will see the option ‘Add/Edit Product’; from where you can add pictures to the listing through the option ‘Upload images’.


H4: Adding Visual to Google Listing


Adding visuals to Google listings is also a great way to bring traffic to the website.


Google SEO VS Amazon SEO: Which is better for Business?

Google SEO and Amazon SEO come with their own particular sets of benefits. This is why the best way to go ahead is by opting for a mix and match for both of them. As they have their specialties, it is great to benefit from them together. This way, it would be easier for you to generate more leads and have greater conversions.


Final Thoughts

Where Google SEO helps you promote your business and increase its reach, Amazon SEO lets you focus on product selling, to be specific. This is why both work through distinct SEO strategies, ensuring that the end result is more organ.

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