SEO Strategy

A comprehensive SEO strategy plan that covers a gamut
of factors necessary to pierce through competition.
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No-Nonsense SEO Strategic Plan to Rule SERPs

Establish authority and build credibility to strengthen your case for top search positions without considering Non-Sense and Black Hat techniques that Google grin.

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Website Analysis

We peek inside metrics of your website to identify all its pages, the top-ranking keywords, current competition, and biggest competitors to understand your position.

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Strategy Session

A comprehensive strategy session where we walk you through on every considerable factor that can improve your organic positioning for transactional keywords.

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Actionable Report

Based on agreed deliverables, we perform the changes required on every page to make it search engine friendly that would help outrank competitors and generate leads.

SEO Strategy - what will we discuss?

SEO strategy is a streamlining of tasks that includes analysis, planning, outlining, and execution, which improves overall web performance on SERPs. 

Our SEO strategy caters on-page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. With the unified purpose to iron out limiting factors and enable website wins top organic search positions. 

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Detailed, well-researched and SEO friendly content from experts with examples ranks better.

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Technical SEO

Not just on-page and off-page SEO help win top positions. Technical SEO plays an equal if not a bigger role.


On-Page SEO

Several factors constitute on-page SEO - keyword research, white spacing, HTML codes, content flow, internal linking.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO includes transparent Link building, guest Posting, Web mentions, and much more.

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Crawling is "the ease with which search engines crawl". We make sure nothing would stop search spiders to crawl.

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Indexing is your website's listing in Google’s index. We ensure Google would index every page of a website.

Deliverables - what will be delivered?

We customize SEO strategy that dives deep into assessing your website needs and develop a comprehensive plan that helps breeze through competition and announce prominence

Ready for SEO Strategy*

Free Analysis** of your Website. Quick Turnaround Time.
Decision Checklist. SEO Strategy checklist.

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How this will help you?

Here’s a blurb of our long term and short term SEO strategy and How it saves you cost, time and effort.

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Short term Wins

Discover “low hanging fruit” pages on your website with potential to turn around organic traffic when optimized.
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Long Term Wins

Curate content on branded key terms that gain quality backlinks and make gradual progress to search rankings.

Save Cost – Get maximum out of your budget

By working with us, you would get an amazing ROI. Let’s say you ran a commercial business, and each sale brings $500 in profit. If using our strategies, you rank for a keyword which brings you 1000 targeted visitors a month, imagine with only 2% conversion rate, you’d get $10,000 in profit from that one keyword alone!

Save Time – By letting us do our Magic

With our team having a combined 200+ years of experience in SEO, we have a precise idea of which strategies can help you score top search positions. So with us, you don’t have to go through costly and time-consuming trial & error process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. This not only saves you plenty of time, but will almost certainly make you a lot of money.

Better Focus – Giving your best on selling only

By giving us a chance to work on your SEO strategy and in most cases, implementing it too, all you have to do is focus on making more money by just focusing on selling your products and services. Leave the painstaking task of ranking and lead generation up to our experts.


While we attempt to answer most of your queries in the FAQs here, if something is unclear, you can reach out to us in the Live Chat or via contact form.

You need to provide us with Google Webmaster and Google Analytics credentials so we can monitor your previous progress and decide strategy based on the data.

After getting that information, we’d analyse your website and give you actionable reports based on findings.

It depends on your overall goal. What do you want to achieve?
SEO is a long game. And takes some time to produce remarkable results… Providing that within 3—4 months you’ll witness progress.

Sure! We can work on any specific task related to SEO and produce results in that domain. We have expertise and results across all SEO arenas, and we only implement best practices for each category.

You can visit our testimonial section, you’d find our satisfied clients who got results while working with us… And you’re no exception

It depends on your goal. How much traffic do you want? How many links to gain? How much content to splinter? And much more. Once we are clear about what you want, we quote you our rates.

Results are our Guarantee. If and only if we failed to produce results for your website—we’d return every penny back… without fanning or giving you a baseless excuse.

That’s how much confidence we are with our services…


*We only send Website Audit Report to qualified websites. If your website is new or don’t have access to Google Analytics, we can’t send you audit report unless that is setup and data is populated for at least one quarter. 

**We only send Analysis Report in Website Quality Audit. The decision and action report is paid. The payment amount varies from one website to another.