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Google and SERPs make sure to provide websites with every possible opportunity to perform better and optimize their content to the maximum. One such effort by them is by adding PASF, also known as the People Also Ask For, box on Google. Here, the user is able to see what the queries, related to what he is also searching, are others looking for on the internet. As a matter of fact, it opens wider horizons for content creators and they are able to see exactly what kind of queries are being searched for by internet users.


This makes content creation customer-centric and helps them in making their answer-finding activity fast and efficient. For content creators, this is a way to lead generation, turning into a win-win situation for everyone!


What are the “People Also Ask” Boxes in SERP?

People Also ASK For



The People Also Ask For feature became a permanent part of Google Search in 2012 and ever since then, it has made the search journey of users pretty easy and efficient. It is a major part of the introduction of the knowledge plan by Google, and has made looking for answers pretty convenient! When used efficiently, it can actually turn into a really strong SEO strategy for marketers and content creators and can help them tremendously.


Initially, it started off as an image thumbnail connected to the term being searched by the user. However, with time, it got so popular amongst searchers that Google had to turn it into a completely independent box, appearing on the first page of Google search.


The mode of working of People Also Ask For Box follows the pattern of the Spotify algorithm. When it started off, it actually worked mainly for the people looking for searches in the domain of music. The SERPs would show them music tracks similar to what they were looking for and offer suggestions as per the taste of the user. However, with time, it expanded its base of work and became a part of all kinds of searches.


Interesting things to Know about “People Also Ask” Box

Before moving forward, you need to know about some really interesting things about People Also Ask Box:

Box can Appear In Different SERP Positions

There is no particular spot where the People Also Ask For box would appear every time someone looks for a query. Rather, it can be shown in varied positions in different search activities. Where sometimes it may appear at the end of the SERPs pages, other times this box may appear below the first link showcased by the SERP as an appropriate answer to the query.


This feature sets it apart from the featured snippets, which are showcased right after the first or second search result and are seen there every time you search for a query. When compared to the PAAF box, their position doesn’t change.


Questions are seemingly infinite in The Box

Now that’s quite an interesting feature. Every time someone wants to expand an answer and clicks on it in the box, more questions are uploaded. This keeps on going and it seems like there is no end to the questions people are asking and featuring in this box.


This way, the user is able to get even the answers to those questions he wasn’t originally looking for. This expands his knowledge base and gives him extensive exposure to the content available on the internet regarding his query.


“People Also Ask” Answers may Vary

You can’t expect to see the same answer for a question every time. Rather, there could be different formats showcased in the box. Sometimes you may see the answer in paragraphs, and other times it may appear in the form of bullet points or even some video. Hence, you can’t expect SERPs to showcase the same answers every time you type in the same query.


PAA questions always* trigger the same answer

The source that Google uses to answer various queries is the same. Rather than looking for various sources, it prefers staying on a particular one. Even if you rephrase the question but ask the same thing repeatedly, you will see the answer coming from the same source.

Is it Good trying to rank in the ‘People Also Ask’ boxes?

People Also Ask for Statssource: ahrefs


There is no possible way to check out the data that is a part of the Google Search Console. Hence, no one can really know whether trying to rank in the People Also Ask Box is really a good thing or not!


As a matter of fact, different users can act differently when they see the answer to a query in the box. Where some people can read the expanded answer and move on, while others may click on the search and read more about it. As the expansion of the answer is considered an interaction, chances of people actually clicking on the link and going to the website are pretty low most of the time.


How to rank in ‘People Also Ask For’ boxes


If you think that ranking in PAAF will help you improve your rankings, you can surely work towards this goal through various manners. Here are some tips to follow to do so:


Find pages that rank for lots of keywords

First things first, you need to look for those pages that will rank as many keywords as possible. This is necessary because looking for all the possible keywords that Google will display as an answer to a particular question would be tough. Finding pages with maximum KWs would be an easier way to get positive outcomes. For that, SEO tools would come in handy.


Pull keyword rankings

The next step through which you can rank in the ‘People Also Asks For’ boxes is by pulling the KWs from the pages that are already ranked higher by Google and using them in your own content. Here also, you would be able to get better results if you use tools like Semrush and Surfer SEO as they let you get your hands on the most accurate information possible. With the help of these tools, you can easily look for the KWs that get the websites ranked well on Google and then use them for your own benefit


Scrape “People Also Ask” results

When you are well informed about the kind of questions people ask on the internet related to your business, you would be able to optimize it in a better manner. Once you are aware of it, you can frame your content around these answers To Get High Rankings. Alongside this, the simple activity of copy-pasting all the keywords you got from the tool into the Href will let you know what people are actually looking for.


Look for common PAA questions

Looking for the most commonly asked questions by people on SERPs will help you know around what angle you need to create your content. As Google, most of the time uses the same source when answering a particular question, or a set of similar questions, you can easily find out the common APP questions asked. When a question appears to be too common and way too many people are asking it repeatedly, you definitely should optimize it.


Make sure you’re not already the source

Another major element you need to consider to get traffic on your website by optimizing the PAA box is by making sure you are not already the source from which Google is placing answers on the query bars. For that, you need to post a simple query on the google search bar and expand the given answer. Once you click the link, you would know whether it takes you to your own website or some other.


If you are being used by Google as the main source while answering questions related to your business, you’re already doing great and there is no need to optimize your content anymore!


Check that you’re ‘eligible’ to rank in the PAA box

When it comes to optimizing your website in order to be featured in the PAA box, you need to make sure whether you are eligible for that or not. You would be eligible only when you actually answer the question asked by the user on Google.


There is an easy way to check your eligibility. Write the query in the search bar and if you see your website anywhere in the top ten results shown by Google, your content probably is valid and you can further make efforts to optimize it.


Optimize your page

Once you know that you are eligible for optimization, you should start working towards achieving optimizing your page and it will help you get maximum organic traffic on the website.


What else can you do apart from PAA boxes to improve SEO?

Apart from the PAA boxes, you can do a lot of other activities that will actually help you improve your SEO and have better lead generation. Some tips that will help you to get high rankings are as follows:


Make better content

Content is the KING1 If you create valuable content and post it on the website, you will surely be able to attract more visitors to your website. If the content itself is substandard, people won’t really return to it. Offering in-depth information and answering the exact queries of the searchers is mandatory to get greater traffic on the website.


Find new keywords to target

If your website is not getting the required amount of traffic lately, it’s high time you opted for something different. Look for new keywords that you can target and create content around them. Keyword explorer options from various tools aid you in finding new and better keywords and targeting them will fetch you better results.


Give better answers to branded queries

People who are at the end of the marketing funnel are really crucial and you need to make sure they follow the purchase process, rather than closing the conversation. You have to provide them with some valuable information to make sure they don’t go out of the funnel without making a purchase.


Hence, as the branded queries are low-volume questions, you have to offer them accurate and to-the-point answers to satisfy their requirements.


Final thoughts

Lead generation gets easier when your website features the PAA box as a reliable answer to some queries asked by users. If you optimize your content well, you would surely be able to get great volumes of organic traffic diverted toward your website with minimal effort.

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