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In the advanced tech era, most online buyers like to see reviews and product descriptions before the “check out” decision. So, a product description that reveals all aspects of the product is considered the best one. However, a plain informative product description is insufficient to improve the conversion rate. The writers need to put extra effort into making the descriptions more compelling and persuasive.


We have picked the best tips, procedures, and techniques to help you write a productive product description.


What Does It Mean By Product Description?

A product description is a piece of information that throws light on the exclusive features, benefits, and specifications of the relevant product. Product descriptions may also include stories, interesting content, and compelling statements to convince the buyer to purchase the product. So, a comprehensive and interesting product description focuses on the following aspects of the product:


Why should anyone purchase the relevant product? How can this product solve the issues of the buyer? Why should buyers prefer this product over its competitors? If a product description carries these aspects, it will undoubtedly compel the reader to buy the product.


Why Do You Need a User-Friendly Product Description?


Best Product Description

Source: CloudWays


A user-friendly product description is necessary to boost sales. Online shoppers often are less educated or illiterate. But easy and comfortable vocabulary may improve the comprehension of the product to the visitors. Furthermore, a user-friendly product description must include a brief introduction of the product, its benefits, features, and usage. the visual proof, like videos and high-quality images of the product, makes the description more elaborative and convincing. Furthermore, you can add social proof like stories and reviews of the customers also to boost the buyers.


Top Tips to Produced Conversion Optimized Product Description

Product descriptions serve superbly to boost conversion rates. As described earlier, online buyers get satisfied after reading the product description. So, a product description should be attractive and catchy enough to convince the shopper for a new purchase. Here are the top tips and techniques to help you write the conversion-optimized product description. Consider the given points.


Know Your Target Audience

Writing a generic description for audiences from all backgrounds may not appeal to everyone. If you know the target audience, you can better target loyal or new customers. A writer can understand the need for vocabulary and terminology that is necessary to add. What words and statements can hit the customer? What type of answer and question session should be added? Keeping the target audience in mind helps to write more specific and personal product descriptions. Simply put, a writer has to put oneself in the targeted audience’s shoes. Thus, one can write the best compelling description.


Reflect on Your Brand Awareness

Every brand has its own identity and style of marketing. Some use a serious informational tone in the written content. Others like to have a humorous and conversational style. Whatever writing style a brand chooses, it reflects the brand identity. Before writing a product description, a writer should be aware of the choice of the brand. A good product description creates brand awareness at each step. Furthermore, the addition of brief stories with customers’ experiences also enhances brand recognition. Consequently, buyers may more likely turn to the shopping decision.


Cater to Buyer Persona

The buyer persona is a valuable concept in the marketing world. You cannot appeal to everyone. However, selecting targeted customers can help you create an effective buyer persona. Buyers’ persona is built on customers’ lifestyles, demographics, goals, motivations, identity, and pain points. All this information is collected based on market research or by studying the data of the current customers at any business. A writer with targeted customers’ information can craft a convincing product description.


Appeal With Personality

Every brand reveals a personality. That personality should be reflected in the product description as well. You can add light humor or compelling statements to appeal to the customers. A product description is far more than boring text information. A good product description includes creative content and a unique style of writing. The written content should reveal the confidence of the seller or brand. Unique and striking product descriptions always make a difference.


Avoid Generic Writing

Serious or boring writing always leads to a bored reader. So, it rarely turns the visitor into a customer. A content writer should avoid generic descriptions. Start writing from unique experiences and individual experiences. Every customer likes personalization. Personalized content may compel the visitor to the checkout counter.


A mistake that content writers make is to write only about the product. Generic writing can only provide information but cannot catch the customer’s purchase. A product description should be specified with how a user can feel. The description should add reactions and short statements revealing the feeling and emotions of the product users. Furthermore, a good description also includes the problems that a user experiences and how a product can solve those issues.


Provide Value to the Customer

Customer reviews and comments are of great value. A product description that adds past customer reviews is considered more authentic and trusted. The targeted audience is often interested in the previous customer’s reviews before deciding on the purchase action. So, a product description can appeal to the site’s visitors with reviews. It also reveals that a certain brand gives value to the customers.


Moreover, adding social proof in the form of verbatim of past customers is another good deal. Some customers upload pictures of the received product and add positive comments. When a writer gives value to those customers in the product description, it connects to loyal and new customers.


Go With Lifestyle Writing

Lifestyle writing is one of the most trending writing styles. You can add innovation and novelty to the content using lifestyle writing. Lifestyle writing includes the targeted audience’s experiences, motivations, and goals. Lifestyle content needs the targeted audience’s information like demographics, aspirations, identities, visions, and buying preferences. Quoting lifestyle content to the right audience can create powerful content. Resultantly, it can optimize the conversion rate.


Avoid Superfluous Words

Superfluous words add nothing t the content; rather, these words may disturb or over phrase the sentences. Superfluous words include:


  • Very good
  • Excellent
  • Good value
  • Especially
  • Really
  • Excellent quality


Surely, no brand claims a poor-quality product. Rather, you need to list out the qualities of the product in verbs and statements.


Some superfluous words are tautologies like:


  • Grouped together
  • Rectangular in shape
  • A certain example


Instead, you can use “grouped,” “rectangular,” and “example.” It is wiser to recognize the tautologies and avoid them in writing.


Furthermore, superfluous words are redundant phrases or expressions. So, it is better to recognize and avoid them. Now, the latest grammar checkers have solved this writing issue. You can seek help from any authentic grammar-checking app to remove redundant expressions and tautologies from the product description.


Highlight the Benefits

Features and specifications of the product are essential parts of the product description. Further, the content writers need to highlight the benefits of the product. How does it benefit the customers? Why is it necessary to purchase this product? A content writer should keep a customer’s expectations, challenges, and goals in mind. It will help to write a more compelling and persuading description.


Associating the benefits of the product with compelling statements drags the customers to the “buy” tab. Furthermore, a product description that highlights the emotions and feelings of the customers also appeals to the buyers.  What a customer is missing without the product? How can a product satisfy the certain needs of the customers? These are the hitting points that need to address in a product description.


Summarize the Main Points


Product Description Qualities

Source: OneSpace


A summary of the main points is essential for the best SEO strategy. But it holds several other benefits for the readers as well. The readers can have a quick preview of the product and its features. Many users do not like long and complex descriptions. To list the main points in bullets is enough to satisfy the undecided customers.

Listing the main points also provides an overview of the product and its features. The users can instantly know about its specifications. So, the bulleted points are listed above or under the “Check out” tab. Read the bulleted points and decide whether to buy or not.


Share Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be received in several forms like videos, images, comments, and website reviews. It is essential to share customer reviews on the product description page. It surely increases the SEO worth of the page. Further, it catches the new customers as well. Most online buyers read the customers’ reviews before moving to a new product or brand online. Sharing customer reviews in written content enhances the trust and authenticity of the brand. Further, it also reflects brand awareness among the masses.


What to Avoid?

Content writers and businesses often have to pass several pitfalls. Adding everything in the product description is not a wiser solution. An organized product description informs the visitor about the product and also amuses the users with its benefits. We have picked up the top two hazards that can harm the conversion rate.


Product Description Templates

Initially, when the internet was a new invention, web templates and app templates succeeded. Several websites still use templates to show up the product description. Can you add creativity and personalization to the product description templates? Of course, not. You have to follow a fixed pattern in the product description template. Several brands still use the templates. But if you are using templates on the web pages, you have to remain constant throughout the pages.


Next, a template carries only information about the product. A template product description is often boring and rarely turns the visitor into a customer. So, it is better to avoid product description templates. Write out of the box with confidence and reflect more convincing writing.


Product Description Generators

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence have given birth to automated product descriptions. Surely, the auto-product description generators are not more than a fill-in-the-blank template. The users have to list the features of the product in the software. Thus, you can write only generic and impersonal content. Furthermore, machine learning cannot compete with human intelligence. Such product description will prove a time waste and space-occupying content only. Avoid using product description generators. These auto product descriptions get failed to catch the customers and convince the visitors to buy the product.


So, always rely on the expert content writer. You will get creative, personalized, and more catchy product descriptions.


Final Thoughts

Optimized product descriptions are necessary for SEO-friendly content. It also drags the customers to the doorstep of the brand. The content writer needs comprehensive keyword research for an SEO-friendly description. Further, the product descriptions should be according to the customers’ expectations, goals, motivations, and challenges.


Finally, auto-product descriptions cannot provide you the useful output. You will have to outsource the description of your products. A copywriter will negotiate the price. But it will result in good revenue. Communicate with the content writer, and guide about the targeted audience and features of the product.

Furthermore, the buyer’s persona is one of the most crucial aspects. Content writers must collect customer information from market research or previous customer data. Thus, the content writer can write a better product description that solves the challenges and issues of the customers. A good product description places solutions to problems in front of the buyers. Writing an optimized product description requires attention, research, and customer preferences.

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