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If you have worked hard on making your website appear super-catchy, enticing the visitor to go through all the web pages, you are surely on the right track! However, if, at the same time, the content you put on it doesn’t really hold any value for the viewers, they will definitely avoid coming to it again! This is why ensuring that the content you put on your website is relevant to what your audience wants to read is necessary. For that, you must use the right kinds of keywords by finding them through the Amazon keyword research tools.


This article will get you through some of the best Amazon Keyword Research Tools which you should definitely use in 2023.


What is Keyword Research?

Simply put, keyword research means knowing what people look for over the internet. It refers to the questions they are finding answers for and the kind of content they want to view. For marketers, it is the way to know the demand of internet users and understand their requirements at a particular period. Alongside this, by using the relevant keywords, they are able to bring organic traffic to their website.


At the same time, it also talks about the varied ways through which people tend to look for an answer to some questions, the kind of phrases they use, and how they word their questions.


What is the Difference between SEO VS Amazon keyword Research?

SEO refers to search engine optimization. It means using the right kinds of keywords at the right time in the right content. You cant use all the keywords you find through the research tool, as it leads to KW stuffing in the content, making the whole process counterproductive.


On the other hand, Amazon keyword research is finding out the exact words people are trying to put on the search bar of Amazon to find the desired products. Hence, if you are able to spot the right keywords, using them in your content will lead to better results and organic traffic.


As a matter of fact, SEO and Amazon keyword research are different in a manner that the latter is a part of the former. First, you have to perform the activity of amazon keyword research, and then you would use these KWs as a part of your overall search engine optimization strategy.


What to Look for In a Keyword Research Tool?


Amazon KW Research
Source: KeywordToolDominator


If you are able to choose the right Keyword research tool, your SEO strategies will really start showcasing amazing results. Some features that you should look for in a keyword research tool are as follows:


Keyword Difficulty Score

This is probably the most crucial part of SEO and is a major feature of the best Amazon Keyword Research Tools. It is basically a metric of SEO that aids you in realizing how tough it really is to rank a keyword. Various factors calculate the difficulty score, including backlinks, domain authority, and organic search competition.


It is one of the most crucial elements of comprehensive keyword research. Despite that, you should use it as it aids you in choosing the best KWs that will let you optimize the website properly.


Different KW research tools measure the KW difficulty in different manners. This is why the results they offer are also distinct from each other.


Organic Traffic Research

The optimal usage of KWs helps you in the form of improved website traffic. Your chosen keyword research tool should help you rank your website high on search engines, with more and more traffic coming to your site.


Any traffic that reaches your website straight from the search engine and is not paid in any form or manner is known as organic research. When your keyword research tool lets you know the exact keywords people are looking for, using them in the content helps you fetch the audience to your website.


Organic traffic is the panache of SEO activities. Your google analytics account will let you know about the success of the keyword research tool you have chosen for yourself. If it offered you the right keywords to choose from, you would automatically have more organic traffic diverted to your website.


Paid Traffic Research

All the traffic that comes to you through the ad campaigns is known as paid traffic research. Actually, it is called so as it is generated as a result of the money you pay against an ad campaigning for you.


Advertisement in this regard is done in various manners and on numerous platforms. For instance, you could use Google AdWords or sponsor some content on social media. This way, it will bring you paid traffic research, making more people visit your website.


Easy to Use

Most of the time, amazon keyword research tools are pretty complicated. Only a person who is really well-versed in using such platforms is able to avail himself of this opportunity. However, to make things easier for yourself, make sure that the tool you choose is easy to use and doesn’t take much of your time.


If a KW research tool takes minimum time and effort to find all the relevant KWs in order to maximize your visibility, grab it immediately!


Competitor Analysis

Your competitors must be using the same keywords in order to ensure divert the traffic towards their websites. To check out how they are performing, you need to have a comprehensive competitor analysis. Your keyword research tool should be able to offer you this analysis to take proper action in the future.


They will do so by showcasing their amazon listing of products, product reviews, evaluation of processes and social media usage to generate paid traffic. Once you have complete details of how your competitors are performing, it will be easier for you to devise an SEO plan for yourself, which will help you generate better results.



Website management is already an expensive process! You need to make sure to find the most affordable KW research tool in order to limit the overall cost.


Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools


Keyword Research Tool
Source: InfoBeat


There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing an Amazon Keyword Research tool. Some of them are as follows:


Google Keyword Planner

If you are looking for a free tool, opting for a Google keyword planner is the best choice, as it is free of cost. However, you would need to have a Google ads account to make it work for your properly. It is a great way to look for KWs that are best suited for your search campaigns.


It is a free tool that lets you discover new and unique Kws directly related to your business.



Ahrefs is a comprehensive KW research tool that doesn’t only help you look for the right KWs and allows you to have a complete backlinks analysis and check out the site crawl results. Alongside this, it helps you estimate the traffic on the web pages and aids in the correct calculations.


It lets the users analyze the SEO health in the best possible manner. The accuracy it offers is top-notch, which is why it is one of the most sought-after tools for KW research. If you really want to see how your competitors are performing by digging deeper into their search traffic, there is no tool better than this one.



Amazon Sellerapp is a great way to manage your business details accurately and timely, ensuring that the amazon listings are up-to-date, the keywords are generating orders, and the customers are responding efficiently. This is an all-in-one kind of application that works great for those looking for search engine optimization.


The best part about using it is that you can easily do so through your phone. Also, as it is free of cost, it helps you manage your overall budget efficiently.


Jungle Scout

Another widely used KW research tool for Amazon is Jungle Scout. It lets you know the products that are winning customers’ hearts, estimate the sales generation, searches for the right keywords and check the competitors.


All of this can be done easily on a single dashboard that is extremely uncomplicated to use. However, it’s not free of cost. Rather, you need to pay around $349 to use it on an annual basis.


Merchant Words

A great tool that would help you grow your Amazon business is Merchant Words. It is known to provide its users with high-quality keywords, using which they are able to bring organic traffic to their websites. This way, you are able to connect with your customer easily. The tool also gives you a peek into the working of your competitor and search volume history.



This is another free-of-cost tool that helps you find the right kinds of KWs to bring organic traffic to your website. Following its tips can make your product listings much more visible.


Keyword Inspector

Keyword inspector fetches data across countries. You can drive data in real-time from various countries by using this tool. However, it’s not free. Rather, you need to pay for its subscription on a monthly basis to avail yourself of its benefits.


Tips For Optimizing Amazon Listings

Some ways through which you can optimize amazon listings are:


  1. Rather than stuffing the listings with excessive KWs, using keywords only once or twice to rank in the search results is better.
  2. Use relevant KWs in the descriptions of the products listed.
  3. Pictures that you place with the listings should be clear and visible.
  4. Make use of the right kinds of tags.
  5. While composing a title for it, make sure that it is relevant and offers value.


Final Thoughts

The competition on the platform of Amazon is augmenting with every passing day. To ensure you get organic traffic to your website, the need for well-crafted SEO strategies can’t be overlooked. Hence, you should look for reliable Amazon Keyword Research Tools in 2023 and reap maximum benefits from them.

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