Website Audit

An in-depth analysis of your website and digital assets
so you exactly know where we can make improvements.
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The Only Website Audit You're Ever Going to Need

Evaluate your website from Google’s eye. Identify and clean low quality pages and improve the performance of high quality pages.
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We crawl the sitemap of your website to identify all its pages, the top-ranking keywords for every page, and use Google Analytics and GSC to find traffic, CTR, and bounce rate of every page.

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We categorize each page to determine if it requires Technical SEO prescription, Content Audit, on-Page Meta Update, or more targeted inbound links.

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Based on the categorization, we actually perform the changes required on every page to make it more compliant with webmaster guidelines and to make sure it provides the best user experience.

What is Website Quality? Why does it matter?

Google is likely to send more traffic to a website it deems as high quality which means your website has to be relevant to the search query, technically sound and popular across the web to stand out.
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Detailed, well-researched content from experts with examples tend to rank better.

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Google is shifting towards analyzing relevance and context, not just keywords.


Media Rich Content

Images, Audio, and Video tend to engage visitors more leading to better rankings.

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Technically Sound

No duplicate content, 4xx Pages, Meta Issues and Website Performance Issues.

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Content Length

Websites with an optimal content length tend to rank better than outliers.

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Internal links with relevant anchors and high-quality external backlinks are a must.

What goes into the Website Audit?

Our website quality audit report is custom built to give you the metrics and actionable items needed to kickoff your full-scale SEO campaign.

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Free Analysis** of your Website. Quick Turnaround Time.
Decision Checklist. Technical SEO Map.

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A glimpse into our Website Audit Process

Here’s a blurb of our holistic Website Quality Audit (WQA) Process and what do you get out of it at the end of the day. 

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Quick SEO Wins

Discover “low hanging fruit” pages on your website with potential to turn around organic traffic when optimized.
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Long-Term SEO Strategy

Find out low-performing content, prune it, fix technical SEO errors, capture quick-wins and strategize for long-haul.

Comparing existing pages with submitted XML sitemaps allow us to discover pages which have not been indexed. A Page-level crawl  provides key information about the title tag, meta description, Headings (H1, H2, H3), word count, No-index and Canonicals.

Deep backlink research allows us to gauge health of inbound and outbound backlinks. This encompasses relevance of anchors, referring domains, trust flow and domain authority. 

We analyze keywords in complete detail—what position they acquire on the web, how much traffic each keyword attracts, what are the top keywords of a website which keywords need to be optimized better, and whether the keywords are aligned with the end product.

Our final step is to dig deep into Google Analytics and GSC to analyze goals, traffic, conversions, demographics and audience segment.


While we attempt to answer most of your queries in the FAQs here, if something is unclear, you can reach out to us in the Live Chat or via contact form.
While automated audits take a few minutes, our complete Website Audit process may take up to 2 weeks depending on the size, scope and complexity of your website.

There’s no one answer fits for all. As discussed earlier, the cost is directly proportional to the size of your website and the amount of the work. The bigger the site, the more it costs. We don’t want to beguile you with a rough estimate—as would see on many websites. However, you can schedule a call anytime and we’ll be there assisting.

You should expect good results. Right?
Ok! Let’s be serious.
After we are done auditing your website, we would present you the complete statistical report that presents the dichotomy between your website’s standings before and after on Google SERPs.
Besides, we’ll present you a comprehensive and well compared before & after report on every aspect of a website we scrutinized.
And if we failed to comply on our promise, we would refund you back without singing in excuses. This Is the guarantee we want to lead you with.

All the above and some other key factors will be thoroughly analyzed and catered. In short, everything that enhances your website quality.

We need complete backend access to your website that includes CRM, Source Code, Google Analytics attached to your website and Google console.
And once we are done with our procedure, we will handover you all the credentials.
Don’t worry. You’re in safe hands


*We only send Website Audit Report to qualified websites. If your website is new or don’t have access to Google Analytics, we can’t send you audit report unless that is setup and data is populated for at least one quarter. 

**We only send Analysis Report in Website Quality Audit. The decision and action report is paid. The payment amount varies from one website to another.