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As someone who needs to put across some information online for the customers and viewers, putting the content in the proper manner is imperative. What’s crucial is that you get maximum traffic coming to your website, which is also organically. To achieve this goal, you would need the pillar page to work efficiently for you. This internal linking strategy ensures your content gets a wider reach.


What is Pillar Page in SEO?

Pillar pages are certain pages on your website that help your website become one of the highest-ranking ones. If you can handle these pages properly, you can drive the highest possible traffic toward the website.


Simply put, this page can be considered the main part of the website, which contains all the major parts of the content served. It acts as a topic cluster. Hence it showcases all the major blog posts on the subject the viewer is looking for.


A comprehensive page offering everything one is searching for, the pillar page influences the website’s search ranking. The website can fetch the highest possible organic traffic if this page is managed properly.


Using the internal linking technique, the pillar page created a group of content on the website. A cluster of related topics is made, and this page works as a directory of the entire website.


What are Topic Clusters?

Topic clusters refer to the entire group of content that’s a part of a website but related to a single topic. In simple words, they are interconnected and interlinked pages regarding a particular topic. Massive websites, with hundreds of web pages, have lots of interlinked pages on a single topic of concern. This is why readers find them authentic when it comes to consuming all the possible information regarding that subject.


How do Pillar Pages Help to Improve SEO?

The pillar page is important in making the user experience on the website much better than before. Some of the ways through which these pages make the website easy to navigate are as follows:


Improve Site Structure

With the help of the pillar page, you can enhance the structure of your website quite efficiently. This way, Google finds your website easily crawlable. And, obviously, when your website is easy to crawl, the search engines rank your pages pretty well!


Alongside this, the rule of thumb is that if Google can find your web pages easily, they are more likely to fetch organic traffic than the websites that are tough to find. With a better index, your pages get higher ranks and better recognition. For well-recognizable web pages, you need to structure your website efficiently. When the website is easily accessible through clicks, the process of finding information gets quick. As a matter of fact, your most crucial web pages should be pretty close to the home page so that they are easy to reach for the viewers.


Improve Your Experience

With the help of a pillar page, your website becomes pretty easy to navigate. Whenever a user is looking for content on a specific topic, he can easily find it on the website through this page. Grouping all the related topics within one cluster on the website under a single term really makes sense. When he searches for a particular topic, this is how a user reaches the exact page where he finds all the required content and information.


Rank For Competitive Keywords

While using the pillar pages on your website, you are supposed to use broader keywords. These competitive keywords are long-form, meaning they cover many keywords. With this page being the main page showcasing all the associated web pages of the topic, it targets a broad set of keywords through advanced keyword research. By ranking on the SERPs, they tend to accumulate traffic, which showcases the real power of SEO.


Build Your Reputation

The pillar page helps you build your reputation by helping Google know that you offer the most authentic, reliable, and accurate information. A website with cluster topics organized on the pillar page indirectly lets Google know you have all the required information regarding the topic under discussion.


By showcasing your content through cluster topics, you are indirectly letting Google and internet users know that you have authentic information concerning the topic and offer trustworthy content to them!


How to Create Pillar Pages to Improve SEO?

By now, you must have realized that the pillar pages are crucial to improve search engine optimization and to get higher rankings. Here is how you can create pillar pages to improve the SEO of your website:


Decide on the Topic you Want to Rank on.

As a part of an all-encompassing SEO strategy, you first need to decide on the topic you want to rank on. This is the first thing you need to do as it would give you a proper path-way to tread on. For that, you would have to know your target audience, and then it would get easier for you to choose the core topic you need high rankings on.


Though you can write on as many topics as you want and can work towards ranking them, picking one topic and making clusters around it would be more beneficial. This way, you would be able to spend most of your efforts in offering the viewers limited content but highly accurate and authentic information.


Do keyword research for your idea.

Once you have chosen the topic you want to rank on, you need to enter the keyword research part of the process. You could find and pick the most reliable keywords to add to the content using the keyword research tool. This will also let you know what the viewers on the internet are looking for and what kind of information they want.


Identify Your Pillar and Cluster Keywords

This step requires you to choose and pick the cluster and pillar keywords that you need to inculcate on the pillar page. As a matter of fact, you would be using high-volume keywords connected to the chosen topic while composing the pillar page. Mostly they are long-form keywords that help you manage most of the headings.


Create Relevant Content

To ensure that the viewers don’t come to your website only once but rather keep coming back to you whenever they need some quality information, you need to focus on the quality of content you post on it. Merely using the right kind of keywords is not enough.


If the content is not top-notch, the viewer may come there once but won’t become a recurrent visitor. Hence, ensure that your content is high quality and showcases relevance.


When the content is well-written and gives the reader maximum value by solving his problem, he will surely find the website authentic.


Take Care of Internal Linking and Cluster Pages

Internal linking brings the highest possible organic views to your web pages. When all the cluster topics are connected with the web pages through internal linking, you can get the viewer to navigate through the entire website effortlessly, eventually raising the views.


Internal linking may get a little hectic, especially when you have a massive website with hundreds of websites. However, no matter how tough it may get, it’s a mandatory step to ensure your viewers get to move around the website effortlessly!


Promote Your Pillar Pages

Now that you have made the pillar pages, you need to promote them. The main goal of this promotion would be to let the audience know about the presence of your website, where you have all the relevant content organized in clusters.


You may have to take help and service from some paid advertisements for this promotional purpose. Apart from them, social media platforms are also a great way of spreading information regarding your website and its content.


If you have a great website and well-organized pillar pages, but no one really knows about them, you won’t really be able to get any traffic. Hence, ensuring that people know where to head to get to know about the right kind of information is necessary, and that’s possible through promotion and marketing only!


Final Thoughts

To build your website’s authority and let Google know about the relevance of your content, you definitely need to add a pillar page to your website. Doing this will let you connect with the viewers better as they can navigate through all the web pages through internal linking. Topic clusters and cluster pages are surely a great way to step up your SEO game!

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