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One thing that helps a business grow on the internet is to stay updated about the interests and preferences of the audience. Honestly, this is a prime ingredient of the secret sauce that aids an SEO expert in expanding his tenticals and reaching the right target audience. Once he knows what the prospective viewers are checking out on the web, they can cater to their needs easily. Once you get your hands on this powerful tool, you will be able to expand your client base automatically. 


Google alerts are super-effective for SEO. Whenever there is something about your brand is published online by Google, or there is a mention of your brand somewhere on the web, Google Alerts gives a notification regarding it. This lets the SEO expert transform his strategy according to that information.


Are you wondering why Google Alerts is so important for an effective SEO strategy? Well, it gives you a good insight into the choices and preferences of the online viewers. By considering this in managing the brand voice, a business can surely turn simple viewers into potential customers and then final consumers. Its quite a massive opportunity to build a successful brand and fetch more customers towards it. 


In this article, we shall talk about How to set up Google alerts and how you can use them for effective and efficient SEO. 


Creating a Google Account

First things first, you need to create a Google Account. Doing this will help you get notifications regarding new information you need to consider while planning the SEO strategy. The initial steps of this process include setting up the alerts for your profile, and then you can edit them easily per your requirements.


Start off by creating a new Gmail account with your relevant information. You can create a new Google Account using your phone or laptop. Simply go to the official site,, and thoroughly read all the information you need to enter it. You can make a profile with your name as well. 


Accessing Google Alerts Dashboard

The Google Alerts Dashboard is a goldmine for you, where you would get all the resources from. It is the most crucial part of the entire Google alerts setup. Accessing it will open a new world of activities for you.


Choosing Search Terms

Simply put, the search term is the exact topic you want to get updated with the alerts. You will be able to receive alerts on that particular topic, which you can then use to alter your SEO strategy. 


For that, you need to type the search term in the long, white bar that you see right in front of you and hit the button ‘enter’.


Now you need to choose the option ‘Create Alert’. 


This will aid you in checking out all the latest developments around the search term you have chosen. 


Refining Your Search with Boolean Operators

If you feel the results you have gotten are not exactly what you were looking for, you need to use the Boolean Operators. Boolean Operators are some specific small terms that aid in refining your research and pin-pointing exactly what you are looking for. 


Some examples of Boolean Operators are Not, And, and Or. You can use quotation marks, truncation, and even parentheses to add some refinement to your search and the specific results from the most authentic sources. 


Selecting Alert Type

The type of alert you select for yourself would further help augment the efficiency of Google Alerts for you. For that, you will have various options right in front of you, including the following:


Setting up Alert Frequency

The frequency with which you would need to have the alerts is an option you will select for yourself. How often you want these alerts to appear right in front of you on the desktop is completely your choice. This could be once a day or even once a week, as per your own requirements. 


Choosing Sources

You can choose the sources of Google Alert yourself. These sources include news channels, videos, blogs, and many others. The right way is to choose as many sources as you can. This will expand your information base, adding to the quality of alerts you get, which will eventually help you have a great SEO strategy crafted for the content. 


Previewing Your Alert

Choosing the option to preview your alert before using it gives you the ability to have a good peek into the information you get. This is a great way to save time and energy while making your activities quick. 


Adding Multiple Alerts

Why have the same repetitive alerts when you can choose multiple alerts for yourself? It will expand the volume of information you get and give you alerts in various manners. It is surely a great way to craft the ​​Best SEO Strategy possible. 


Customizing Delivery Options

You can easily customize the delivery options as per your wants. This means that if you have multiple accounts on Google Alerts, you can select the account where you will receive the alerts. This would help you avoid the confusion and the need to switch through the accounts repetitively to view the alerts. 


You can also choose the time when you will receive the alert. Setting up the time will help you manage a pile-up of emails that take several hours. Delivery options are a fuss-free manner of checking out the emails sent to you specifically from the Google Alerts. 


To customize your delivery options, you just need to go to Google Alerts and find the ‘Settings’ option. You will spot it close to the choice ‘my alerts’. Here, you would see the option ‘delivery time’, which will let you choose the time when you would be able to receive the notifications. Read all the available options and select the one that suits you best. Choosing the option ‘digest’ would let you select the email address on which you would be getting the alerts. 


Saving and Reviewing Alert Settings

Don’t forget to save the Alerts settings you have chosen for yourself, or else you will have to go through the entire process again! Reviewing the alert settings and saving them will help Google Alerts remember what services to provide you, in which manner, and at what frequency. 


Troubleshooting Setup Issues

If things don’t go as expected and you face problems using the Google Alerts features, you must troubleshoot the issues. Like all other applications, this one also comes with a troubleshooting option, which sorts out all the problems. 


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