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SEMRush is a lifesaver for all digital marketers who aim to run the most effective marketing strategies ever. The right kind of digital marketing plan has the ability to help the business stand out in the market. What makes SEMRush such a sought-after software amongst the plethora of others available is that it’s an all-encompassing program. Using it, you can manage everything from your never-ending content marketing campaigns to SEO and from social media to pay-per-click.


If you are looking for SEMRush Alternatives that can help you achieve higher goals in digital marketing, this article shows 15 alternatives to SEMRush to consider. 


What can SEMRush be Used For?

SEMRush is a digital marketing software loaded with extensive features and benefits. It gives a result-oriented approach to the marketers and helps them achieve great success in whatever campaign he runs. Identification of the current trends and shifts in the niche are singled out by SEMRush and it helps the content creators a self-audit of their on-page SEO strategies and tweak them as needed. 


The ultimate benefit of this software is its ability to help you achieve lead-generation goals. It makes optimization possible and you get to fetch organic traffic to the website. From the basic step of finding the right keywords to incorporate in the content to offer an extensive report on the online strategies being used by the competitor, it aids you with everything. 


What are the Prominent Features of SEMrush?

SEMrush is packed with remarkable features that make it a MUST-HAVE for all digital marketers. Some of them are as follows:


  1. Analyses the performance of the marketing campaign and gives a detailed evaluation of how the website is working.
  2. Position Ranking showcases the daily ranking of the website and the PPT performance can be evaluated efficiently.
  3. The ON-page SEO checker gives an analysis of what can further be done to enhance the website’s performance. 
  4.  It gives online organic traffic insights in great detail, letting the marketer focus on the elements other than the core keywords that lead to a better fetch of traffic.
  5. The Keyword magic tool helps the strategist conduct extensive keyword research, and content optimization, and analyze the major niche topics to consider. 


Famous SEMRush Alternatives and Competitors

If you can’t use SEMRush for some reason or are looking for its alternates and competitors, here is a list of software to consider:


1. SpyFU

SpyFU is a highly recommended software to help you up your digital marketing game and its one of the biggest SEMRush Competitors. It is especially a great tool to augment your productivity level through Google AD campaigns. At the same time, it can monitor the keyword ranking and evaluate how they are performing. 


Business owners who look forward to improving the performance of their website when it comes to online search opt for this particular software owing to its amazing competitive intelligence.



A couple of fantastic features of SpyFU are as follows:


  1. The organic search performance of each website is extremely important to evaluate the performance of the marketing strategy and bring some further changes to it. SpyFU provides the relevant data points, which include Monthly organic traffic, Inbound links by type and the value of organic traffic. 
  2. In terms of keywords, the Keyword rank gains and Keyword rank losses are displayed by the software, which makes it easy for the marketer to evaluate the cost-per-click. 
  3. Want to modify the marketing strategy and make it even better than your competitors’? SpyFU can help you with that. It offers PPC research for your website as well as for others’ websites. 



SpyFU comes with three kinds of pricing, and you can choose according to your affordability:

  1. Basic: Requires you to pay $39 monthly.
  2. Professional: Requires you to pay $78 monthly and offers advanced features.
  3. Team: Requires you to pay $299 monthly. As many as five different accounts can use it. 



  1. SptFU, despite being a cheaper option, doesn’t provide some extensive and advanced features that SEMRush offers. 
  2. It doesnt provide advanced site audits. 


[write in detail about every tool, its features, pricing, cons etc]


2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is yet another popular software that helps in augmenting the amount of organic traffic coming towards your website. This SEO tools suite is an all-encompassing software that offers everything from rank tracking to keyword research and from backlink analysis to keyword analysis.


Ahrefs is a great alternative to SEMRush and lets marketers devise a strong SEO strategy. Both of them let you evaluate the extensive list of the backlinks of a domain. However, despite this, some marketers prefer SEMRush over Ahrefs as it provides extensive features link backlink auditing and backlink database size. 



  1. Ahrefs comes with a special feature of letting you see the top-performing pages on the global level. This augments the digital marketer’s reach to a greater level.
  2. It gives you the ability to analyze the subfolders that fetched the highest amount of organic traffic and how you can capitalize on it furthermore.
  3. This tool lets you check out the history associated with the keywords and how they helped you get traffic. You can compare the performance of these keywords against those used by other websites. 
  4. SEO audits by this software would let you customize the issues you want to audit, rather than spending several hours in the audit process. 


Ahrefs offers multiple package plans that include:

  1. The lite package requires you to pay $99 monthly.
  2. The standard package requires you to pay $199 monthly.
  3. The advanced package requires you to pay $399 monthly.
  4. The enterprise package requires you to pay $999 monthly.


It is a bit expensive. The cheapest option comes with a lot of restrictions and doesnt offer much value


3. Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is a fantastic alternative to SEMRush that lets you get massive volumes of traffic driven to your website.  One main reason why it is a preferred choice of digital marketers is its ability to let them check out the strategies used by the competitors and then replicate them for their own good. 


Alongside this, it lets you have a good insight into the competitor’s pages that have the most views and shares. By using the popular organic keyword phrases that have benefited the competitors, marketers can craft a similar strategy.



  1. Offers hundreds of options and suggests performance-driving head terms to long-tail phrases and a comprehensive keyword research option. 
  2. Gives an insight into the content pieces that are showcasing exceptional performance and topics that people are reading about. 
  3. It gives you accurate backlinking data and you get to see the webpages using your content as backlinks. 


You can use the software for seven days on a free trial. After that, you would have to pay $290 and get a lifetime right to use it.



The only issue associated with Uber suggest is that it shows limitations in certain niches and doesnt offer extensive and accurate data. 


4. Monitor Backlinks

Backlinks can change your SEO game altogether and would improve website traffic exceptionally well. If you use them well, you would be able to capitalize on them efficiently. If not, you may end up losing the chance to fetch great traffic volumes to your website. Through this tool, you can easily build stronger links with other websites and have a greater level of outreach.


Alongside this, it also helps in fighting off the negative SEO by efficiently disavowing the bad links



  1. This tool is extremely user-friendly and the interface is highly interactive.
  2. Showcases major SEO insights clearly and makes things faster. 
  3. Offers Indexing Service Integration for better performance.


  • Monitor backlinks comes with the thirty days free trial period. After this time, you would have to pay US$47 40 per month for the Plus plan. 



  • This software is a tad bit expensive compared to other options 

5. Search Metrics

Search metrics is a great alternative to SEMRush and provide endless growth possibilities to digital marketers. Amongst the various advantages it offers, the estimation of incoming traffic and provision of visibility data are the most prominent ones. High-quality backlinks are offered through this software.


As a matter of fact, marketers have access to data that goes back two years. This way, it gets possible for the users of this software to make an estimation of the progress of the last two years. 



  1. Multiple users can have access to this software in real time, which makes collaborative work much easier. 
  2. The Mobile, Search Tracking feature is extremely beneficial as it helps keep a trail of the performance of the website on mobile. 
  3. This software offers competitive benchmarks, which aids the digital marketer to improve his performance with every campaign. 



The software requires you to pay around $69 per month and lets you use all its features.



  • A lot of users complain that the keyword metrics that this software offers are limited


6. SEO Powersuit

Another great option available to digital marketers to up their SEO game is the SEO Powersuit. This tool kit comes with just the right kind of tools that are required for digital marketing strategies to rank his website.


It offers on-page SEO, ranking follow-up, and backlinking, along with a plethora of other benefits.



  1. The SEO analysis tool gives great insight into the performance of the current SEO strategies and opens ways to improve them furthermore.
  2. The keyword research tool helps in generating relevant long-tail keywords, which aid in bringing organic traffic to the website.
  3. It’s extremely easy to use, even for beginners who have just entered the world of digital marketing. 
  4. Local and mobile SEO provides site management benefits. 
  5. Content and HTML Optimization 


This desktop SEO tool is available free of cost but offers limited features. The professional plan comes with a cost of $299 a year, while the enterprise plan requires you to pay $499 a year.



It’s not a cloud app, which is why most digital marketers tend to avoid using it


7. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a great choice to make when it comes to gathering data related to site ranking. Alongside this, it offers page optimization options and link metrics. It makes crafting successful SEO strategies possible. 


At the same time, it plays a great part in evaluating the errors on the website that may be leading to negative visitor experiences.



  1. Moz Pro tracks local and national searches, giving a good idea related to visibility.
  2. Audits the website keenly and makes sure to alert you whenever an error arises. 
  3. The page optimization recommendations make the website perform better. 


Moz Pro comes with four pricing plans:

  1. For the standard plan, you need to pay $99 per month, while the medium plan costs around $179 per month.
  2. The large plan costs around $299 per month, and the premium plan requires you to pay $599 per month. 


The crawl depth offered by Moz Pro is not as efficient as the one offered by SEMRush.


8. Raven Tool

Raven tool helps business owners grow their businesses efficiently and in a very short period. It offers multi-channel campaigns, ensuring that growth is all-encompassing. 



  1. Backlink Explorer gives a deep look into the backlinks and aids in improving them furthermore. 
  2. Competitor Research Central tells why other websites are performing well and what can be done to replicate that strategy. 
  3. Keyword Rank Checker provides access to short and long-tail keywords. 



Raven Tool comes with many packages, including;

  1. The small biz plan requires you to pay $39 per month.
  2. The start biz plan requires you to pay $79 per month.
  3. The grow biz plan requires you to pay $139 per month.
  4. The thrive biz plan requires you to pay $249 per month.
  5. The lead biz plan requires you to pay $399 per month.



Using the software gets a little complicated at times, as the interface is not very friendly.


9. KW Finder

KW Finder reduces the trickiness associated with SEO and makes digital marketing easier. Its main task is to find the relevant keywords and then incorporate them into the website content easier.



  1. SERP checker offers a realistic performance analysis of the website and suggests tips to improve it.
  2. It previews thousands of locations to give an efficient SEO illustration. 
  3. This software provides as many as 45 metrics to keep a trail of progress. 


This software requires you to pay around $29 per month.



Keywords offered by the software are mostly capped and you can’t see all related keywords


10. Majestic

Majestic is a competitor to SEMRush and has quite a loyal fan following of digital marketers extracting its benefits. It is a great backlink checker and offers an extensive set of SEO tools to up the SEO game.



  1. Offers Alerts and Notifications whenever there is a need for improvement in the website. 
  2. Comes with an extensive dashboard, which makes functions easier. 
  3. The audit management feature provides exclusive audit and inspection features for the website. 


You can subscribe to the software, which starts from $41.66/month.


Final Thoughts

The SEMRush database has as many as 20 billion keywords, which makes it possible for digital marketers to fetch organic traffic to it. Though it has unlimited benefits associated with it, a lot of marketers opt for the alternate options which offer them similar and maybe, at times, some additional features.

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